The best startups of the region were chosen in Dnipro

A mobile application that helps you to find a lawyer. Artificial limb, which reacts even on the motion thought. Sensor for gasoline trucks, which prevents theft of fuel. The winners of the BEST INVEST start-up competition presented their own projects in Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration.

“BEST INVEST” was held for the second time. Any resident of the region who has an interesting business idea can take part in it. This year about 60 applications for participation in the contest “BEST INVEST-2018” have been received.

To choose the best ideas for a startup – is not  an easy task. The winners were determined by an expert commission, which was contained by the potential investors, employees of «Investment- Innovation Centre» and entrepreneurs. Among the winners are a judge’s assistant, lawyer Yulia Nikolaichuk. She presented her own project – a mobile application for the legal services` provision.

“The most valuable thing for a modern person is information and time. Occasionally, you need to find a lawyer quickly. LexOn is a new application, which helps you not to waste time finding a qualified lawyer. All the necessary information will be on your mobile phone. Through the application you can immediately apply for a specialist consultation, “said Yulia Nikolaychuk.

Artem Gulyaev’s project – “Bionic limbs”. The young inventor developed a prosthetic device, which in its properties is not inferior to foreign counterparts. Instead, it costs 50 times cheaper. And therefore, it is much more accessible to Ukrainians. “Artificial arm” is attached to the body, “reads” the pulses coming from the brain to the muscles, and moves accordingly.

” Artem`s project is priceless for our boys who are seriously injured in the war,” said the creator of the “BEST INVEST”, director «Investment – innovation centre» Oleksander Kolomytsev. – We have concluded with the author of the idea the Memorandum of close cooperation and we will help to find an investor. We will make every effort that in the near future this “miracle-limb” appeared in our hospitals and rehabilitation centers “.

An another winner – Sensor for gasoline trucks.

“Our sensor controls the level of fuel in a gas truck,” said the inventor Andrei Timoshenko. – The developed mechanism makes it possible to avoid theft of gasoline by an unscrupulous driver, because he keeps accurate accounting of the amount of fuel. ”

“The management of our company is now considering the opportunity to invest in this project. Indeed, an automatic fuel sensor is a real find for any oil tanker “, – emphasized the marketing director of the filling station «SKY» Elena Tongogog.

The expert commission also noted the favorite participant of this event – Andrey Karavan. He developed a special mobile application that simplifies the logistics procedure.

The winners of “BEST INVEST-2018” received cash rewards. And also – the projects of prizewinners and winners will be placed on a special online platform for investors.