Grantwriting specializes in providing services related to the preparation of documents for obtaining grants in various fields of activity offered by both krainian and foreign donors (sponsors).

1. Preparatory work.

  1. search for grant programs according to the needs of Ukrainian companies, territorial communities, NGOs, etc.;
  2. monitoring of actual problems in the region and in the country as a whole;
  3. consulting and methodical services (consultation and methodical help for the execution of the project application).

2. Development and execution of projects:

  1. registration of client’s ideas, updating and filling out application forms of social projects;
  2. preparation and modification of the project documentation (logistics, budget, etc.);
  3. coordination of documentation for the implementation of social projects;
  4. providing of information support of a social project;
  5. services on the competent registration of applications (ensuring the compliance of the text with language norms – eliminating grammatical, morphological and word-formation errors, checking syntax, spelling, punctuation, correcting, editing, etc.);
  6. preparation of the project application in different languages ( English, German, Ukrainian, Russian, etc.) and submission to the grantor.

3. Project support:

  1. information support for the implementation of the grant program;
  2. all information about projects in our social networks.