Nine Ukrainian startups will receive state funding

The Ukrainian Startup Fund will provide funding for 9 Ukrainian startups that presented their project ideas at regular pitches on June 23 and July 3. In total, they will be given $ 300,000. This was reported by the website of the Ukrainian Foundation of Startups.

Who will receive $ 25 thousand

  • Jooli. The application for content marketers and PR specialists is focused on small and medium-sized SaaS companies, which saves up to 5 hours of work per week and doubles the efficiency of communications. Jooli analyzes the activity of the company and competitors in the main communication channels of this type of business and briefly announces the release of market news and competitors.
  • Iziviz. Drone for safe, easy and effective visual inspection.
  • Elomia. An app with a virtual friend-psychologist who listens, understands and provides psychological help to people with depression and anxiety.
  • RunAn. Sports tracker that allows to reduce injuries and increase running efficiency by controlling running technique.
  • Bicovery. Monitoring of the mental and physical condition of a bipolar person and timely reports of approaching episodes using Machine Learning technologies.
  • Gymcerebrum. An intelligence platform with unique computer vision that will operate on the territory of the fitness club as a virtual trainer.

Who will receive $ 50 thousand

  • Neverdark. Fireplace with a real flame for any apartment.
  • Ревізіон. Feedback service and NPS. The platform allows to return existing and attract new customers. Build a positive brand reputation through an effective feedback system at every point of contact with the customer.
  • Upswot. Improving the efficiency of sales aimed at SMEs with continuous monitoring and insights from 117 alternative data sources.

The main criteria for evaluating seed projects: team, market, technology, product, strategy.

Source: https://minfin.com.ua/ua/2020/07/13/48759678/