Construction of a new airport in the Dnipropetrovsk region will begin in September 2020

The first phase of construction of the Dnipropetrovsk region airport will begin in September 2020. Construction of the runway and terminal should start at the same time. This became known during an online meeting between the head of the regional state administration Oleksandr Bondarenko and representatives of the state enterprise Fininpro.

“The construction of any large-scale project is preceded by extensive documentary work, which is carried out by dozens of specialists in various fields. The minimum terms of examinations and tenders, obtaining permits are regulated by law. This is a long process. However, thanks to competent management, we will be able to start the first phase of construction of the new airport in September,”- said Oleksandr Bondarenko.

The head of the region added that in order to optimize the construction of the runway, the project was divided into two parts. The tender for the first phase will take place from August to September. A contractor will be selected to carry out the preparatory work in the autumn. At the same time, the DCH investor will undertake the construction of the terminal.

“At the same time, an international tender for the second phase of work will begin – a general contractor will be selected who will do the bulk of the work on the construction of the strip. The winner will be announced in three months. By that time, the project will be ready, which will pass the necessary examination, – said Alexander Bondarenko. “The approach, when all processes are carried out in parallel, will allow us to complete construction at the end of 2022.”

The runway of the International Airport in Dnipropetrovsk region will be built by the state – the funds are managed by the state enterprise Fininpro. It will be 3200 m long, with modern navigation and light signaling systems. The investor – Ukrainian industrial and financial group DCH, is responsible for the new international terminal and VIP terminal in a single complex.