New start-up battle begins in Dnipro

New start-up battle begins in Dnipro THE BATTLE OF START-UP: the new season of “BEST INVEST” has begun! “Do you have a BUSINESS IDEA? Are you looking for an INVESTOR? Come to us and register! Win! “- with such an appeal addressed the head of the project BEST INVEST Alexander Kolomiytsev to the Dnipro and the inhabitants of the region. The project will start the second time based on the Investment and Innovation Center (IIC) with Dnipro Regional Administration. The…

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SE “IIC” held training “Fundamentals of the project approach in NGO`s development”

  The grant department of the SE “IIC” continues to carry out useful trainings among the communities. That is why, on June 20 our specialists held a workshop on the theme “Fundamentals of the project approach in NGO`s development” in Pokrovsky district,Dnipropetrovsk region. Participants received necessary knowledge which will help them to implement their ideas more effectively and confidently.

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The first investors came to the industrial park “Pavlograd”

Polish, British and Austrian investors plan to build solar power plants, synthesis gas, methanol and drugs plans  at the park’s territory. Among them – LLC “SG Methanol”, LLC “SINGAZ FTS”, “GVM Ukraine”. The first agreements were reached because of the state enterprise “Investment – Innovation Centre” (IIC) work. Investment- Innovation Centre (IIC),which is created on the basis of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration, has been helping entrepreneurs and investors for more than 3 years. In February 2017, IIC became the…

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«Investment- Innovation Centre» presented the Dnepropetrovsk region at the business event «Dnepropetrovsk region: an open investment dialogue»

On May 23, a business event was launched to present investment attractive of Ukrainian regions. Program began with presentation of the Dnepropetrovsk investment potential. 84 countries representatives from the embassies, more than 30 international organizations and companies were invited to the  event “Dnipropetrovsk region: open investment dialogue”. The state enterprise team had an opportunity to present actual investment projects of the Dnepropetrovsk Region. Alexander Kolomiytsev, director of the State Enterprise «Investment- Innovation Centre» noted that the green economy is a strategic…

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Investment-Innovation Centre signed a cooperation memorandum with the Latvian investment company- Invex Fondi

As the priorities of the Investment-Innovation Center are to increase the positive image of the Dnipropetrovsk region and attract investments, we  start a long-term partnership with the Latvian investment company Invex Fondi. Invex Fondi is our European partner, which works in the direction of attracting investments, therefore the memorandum of cooperation signed between our parties is a guarantee that the Dnipropetrovsk region will receive new useful business contacts of potential investors, and implement new innovative projects.

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The first mini-hydroelectric power plant was commissioned in Vasylkivka

The first mini-hydroelectric power plant was commissioned in Vasylkivka ( an urban-type settlement in Dnipropetrovsk Region in Ukraine) . The project was implemented at the expense of Ukrainian investor with the support of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration. Mini-hydroelectric power plant is taking place on the site of the old collective-farm. It was in a state of neglect and almost destroyed for about last 60 years. Mini-HPP will serve about 17 thousand local residents of United territorial community of Vasylkivskyi district ….

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